Opportunities and Challenges to Indian Democracy

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Duration – 1 Days
Date – 16 Jul 2023
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Venue -SMIT College, janak Puri , New Dlhi

We are proud to be the largest democracy in the world. For more than Seventy five years we have witnessed the conduct of successful elections, peaceful changes of government at the Centre and in the States, people exercising freedom of expression, movement and religion. India has also been developing and transforming economically and socially. At the same time we, quite often, listen complains about prevalent inequalities, injustice or non-fulfillment of expectations of certain sections of the society. These people do not feel themselves participative in the democratic process.

Following Will be Discussed
  • Economy
  • Agriculture issues and Challenges
  • Farmer and their Growth


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In the world today democracy is regarded as the best type of Government and the reason being that in modern times nearly everyone believes in democracy and electoral process. Judging by the gradual disappearance of the other forms of Government i.e., monarchy, aristocracy, theocracy, oligarchy, dictatorship in which there was a marked concentration of power together with a blatant denial of basic rights to the people, democracy has proved to be the most durable form notwithstanding the few cases of democracies having turned into authoritarianism. The life and durability of democracy stems from the fact that in this system of Government the citizen gets full opportunities for expressing his will, developing his personality and his faculties for social, economic and political justice. All these distinctive marks of democracy are, by and large, unquestionable and easily noticeable in most democracies of the world today.

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जनपद बुंदेलखंड के सूखा प्रभावित क्षेत्र के अंतर्गत आता है। यहां किसानों के मध्य कृषि यंत्रों की कमी, नवीनतम ज्ञान तथा प्रौद्योगिकीयों का अभाव पाया जाता है, जिस कारण यह क्षेत्र अत्यधिक पिछड़ा हुआ है। यहां किसानों के रोजगार का एकमात्र साधन मुख्य रूप से कृषि कार्य ही है। लेकिन कृषि की मानसून पर निर्भरता के कारण फसल उत्पादकता बहुत अधिक प्रभावित हो रही है, क्योंकि भारतीय मानसून में अनिश्चितता एवं अनियमितता पायी जाती है, जिस कारण जनपद में कृषि ‘मानसून का एक जुआं‘ बनकर रह गई है। किसानों के पास कृषि यंत्रों की कमी के कारण अपनी लागत तक निकाल पाना भी मुश्किल पड़ता है, जनपद में पिछले कई सालों से किसानों की आय में गिरावट देखी गई है। जिससे हम कह सकते हैं कि यहां के किसानों की स्थिति दयनीय है।

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Navigating Climate Change Under Modi’s Leadership: Assessing Policy Initiatives And Global Impacts

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