Role of Education in Indian Society

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Role of education in modern India
Education plays an important role in modernization of Indian Society. Training and education should be able to generate the following outcome in our society:
  • To keep up with new developments in the knowledge change and the curriculum shifts.
  • Changing the way teachers teach students by adopting the latest methods and pedagogy.
  • Emphasize vocational subjects, Science education, and Research.
  • Establishment of major universities across the country.
  • Formation of interest, willingness, production of attitude, and values.
  • Be able to build independent research and capacity to think and judge for oneself.


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The study of social mobility has centered the dimension of economic or occupational change, and within this dimension, its one indicator is occupational prestige. While occupational patterns and political power do correlate highly with income,skill, social network patterns and other indicators,but it is not necessary that there should be movement along each of these indicators of the dimensions of social mobility.

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