How Mathematics can help in Improving efficiencies of Modern computing and Industries

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How Mathematics can help in Improving efficiencies of Modern computing and Industries

  • To plan the effective modelling of replacement it is essential to perform reliability analysis of critical parts of the performing units in all modern automated and semi-automated systems. 
  • Replacement of critical parts may be a piece of unit or a group of parts that form the systems.
  • to evaluate its reliability, which is directly proportional to the probability of failures. 


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In any operating system such as industries, factories or any system which involves job performing units such as machines, tools, men etc. faces a replacement problem whenever these job performing units become less effective or obsolete due to gradual deterioration in their efficiency or sudden breakdown. For example in a corporate office the computer stops working all of a sudden or some employees need to be replaced as not being skilled up to date. In a factory of wafers the packing machine stops working or a air conditioner fails to work or gas pipelines gets blocked. These are some situations when the operating system needs a cost efficient replacement rule to replace the faulty units or to find some remedies to regain the efficiency.

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