It is our initiative dedicated to securing the future of the underprivileged children on the three pillars of nutrition, health and education. To ensure a better future for the children we work on their holistic development by providing several opportunities through which they can recognize their talents. We also provide them with a platform where they can showcase their talents and are the best version of themselves.


During Covid-19 pandemic, we observe that the dropout rate of students increased in India due to lockdown of schools and colleges, lack of proper facilities to take online classes using mobile, internet, light their home. Pandemic has also impacting on the Nutrition Health of the students due to poor economic condition of parents.

When We started working in the slum areas We realized that there are so many children deprived of basic education and literacy and that they need education to gain respect, dignity and acceptance from the society. So We commenced with our work for getting the education of underprivileged children sponsored on a regular basis.

We aim to educate more and more children by equipping them with schooled background and enhance their intellectual awareness by learning, critical thinking and communication. This will help the children to thrive well in life, personally and professionally. We will do this by providing a complementary curriculum within the aforesaid schools. From this learning environment, children will learn holistically.


  • In year 1st, we impacted 4 lives by getting them education in school.
  • In year 2nd, we increased that number to 9.
  • In year 3rd , we admitted 15 children and worked for their welfare as well.
  • In year 4th of our NGO and we raised the number of enrolled students to 21.
  • In year 5th we increased the number 23 more children with your help and support.

Now our objective of the 2022 year is to provide quality education to underprivileged children with nutrition health to 26 students with your help and support.


Contribute to help children lead a better quality life. Contribute to build a better India. Let’s do this together for the better future of these children.

We thank all our volunteers for their constant support and help and hope that they will continue the same in the future.


There are so many children in need for care and protection and our work has just touched the tip of the iceberg. With every contribution you make, it will help a child to take a step forward towards his/her goal. Let’s show the children that we care. All the contributions that you make will help is in achieving our goals.

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